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How Does Drop Shipping Work at

  1. 1. Register free at
  2. 2. Join our special VIP Program.
  3. 3. Become our Drop Shipping partner.
  4. 4. Choose any products from Trendsgal that you want to sell on your own online store.
  5. 5. Download the associated product information (product photography without any watermarks and product descriptions) directly from Trendsgal by clicking "Data Export" button on product page.
  6. 6. Upload and import the product information to your own store.
  7. 7. Market and sell the products to your customer.
  8. 8. Place the equivalent order on Trendsgal for the goods after you have collected payment from your customer.
  9. 9. We drop ship directly to your customer without any Trendsgal information.

1. Join our VIP program and become a drop shipping partner. 2. Only drop shipping partners can download product information(200 SKU allowed per month).

Drop Shipping Grade

Grade VIP Silver VIP Gold Diamond
Total Order Amount > $1000 > $5000 > $10000
Extra Drop Ship Discount 2% 3% 5%

1. Extra drop ship discount is applied to the drop ship price. 2. Total order amount is the cumulative order balance you have paid to Trendsgal (excludes pending, canceled orders and refunds issued).

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is a special cost-effective selling technique in which the seller does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers their customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the end customer.

You can use drop shipping to grow your own successful business by choosing then listing Trendsgal products on your own online store to sell to your customers. When you receive an order from your customer, collect payment from them and then simply place the same order on Trendsgal. We will ship directly to your customer. You keep the profit on the difference between our drop price and your retail price that your customer paid.

  • You choose the products from trendsgal and sell to your customer on your own store.

  • We ship the products directly to your customer from our wholesale drop ship warehouse.

  • You keep the profit from the difference between your sale price and trendsgal drop ship price.

Benefits of Drop Shipping with Trendsgal

Easy and risk-free way to start you own online business Simple way to start your own business with minimal capital and low risk. Significantly reduce costs by never having to hold depreciating stock and pay storage fees. Zero storage costs; Zero risk of excess stock.

Convenient to List Simply add products to My Inventory and easily export data from Trendsgal.

Proactive and regular Inventory Alerts Avoid selling products that are out of stock at Trensgal. Check available stock at any time under My Account. When products you are selling run low on inventory, Trensgal lets you know so you can plan ahead.

Never Need to Worry about QC, Packing and Shipping We will ship goods directly to your customer after you place an order with us. Therefore, you never need to worry about checking, packing and shipping saving you time and money.

Lowest Drop Ship Price Guarantee You set your own price and make the profit on the difference between our drop ship price and your retail price. It’s easy to take the advantage of our lowest drop ship price guarantee on Trendsgal to make a profit each time, all the time.

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